Please Drink Responsibly!

How To Drink Responsibly.

  • Drink with a group of friends.
  • Know your limits.
  • Know how you’re getting home.
    • Never drive drunk
  • Drink when you’re of legal age.
  • Don’t drink if you’re not in a positive frame of mind.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach.
  • Check with your doctor to see if you can mix your prescription medications with alcohol.
  • Don’t drink if you haven’t had much sleep.
  • Know what you’re drinking.
  • Have no more than one drink per hour
  • Avoid peer pressure.
  • Stop drinking if you vomit.
  • Don’t accept a drink from a stranger.
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended.

Always Drink Responsibly!!!

Culled From WikiHow


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